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Every year we trust Haskell to take care of our Appreciation cards. This year we had a hiccup with the order and they fixed the issue immediately. They promptly re-printed and sent out new cards without giving us any attitude. We love that even though Haskell New York is 2,193 miles away, we always feel we are working with one of our neighbors. Big thanks!

Matt Hanson Hand & Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialists

Mr. Isaacson,

I did receive my order this evening, thank you so much. A few years ago, due to medical issues I began to do most of my purchasing over the internet. For the most part, my transactions have been completed without much ado; however, I have never received the customer service that I have with your company and staff. No one from any other site has ever emailed me to inform me a product was unavailable, let alone offer me the option of substitution. The only way I've known something was unavailable was to see it on a packing slip. --I have received a couple of "do not reply to" computer-generated messages, but that is it.

As I told Mr. Passler, my sister is a teacher and uses color-coding to organize work, lessons plans, assignments, etc. I know paper clips are certainly not a high-dollar item and may seem inconsequential to some, but for the fourth grade teachers at her school, they are an invaluable resource. Mr. Passler assured me today that "PAPER CLIPS MIGHT NOT BE A BIG DEAL, BUT THE SATISFACTION OF A CUSTOMER IS."

How refreshing to find a company who is still in the business of customer service. Your website is my first choice for products and I will be telling everyone I know about your service. Thank you for making my day, and for going above and beyond to help the fourth grade teachers at Tiger Creek Elementary School and their ninety students in Tunnel Hill, Georgia.


Karen Diliberto

I received my cards today and they are beautiful. I have ordered from you folks for several years now and have been delighted each and every time with the quality, price, and best of all exemplary service of your company.

Thank you for a great experience and happy holidays to each of you who had a hand in a successful order.

Joy Bronson-McCrady

Had wanted to give you feedback anyway, so thanks for asking. Yes - we DID receive it - way over here on the west coast within 24 hours of ordering - incredible! Will visit your website again when we are in need of other items. Thanks so much!

Debra Churilla

I did receive them and they are Absolutely Beautifully Perfect!!!! I will be a regular customer and will share the news of your wonderful business with all!!! Thank You So Much, You have no idea how much being able to make these cards has meant to us. Happy Healthy Holidays !!!!

Jan Dionis


Yes, we received the Christmas cards and they were fantastic! This is the first year. I have been in charge of the cards and my boss was very impressed with my choice, the price, and the quality of what we received. Also, the donation to Wounded Warriors was a unexpected and wonderful bonus.

You will most likely see us again next year.

Thank you again!

Beth Roberts | Program Support Specialist

Hi Larry,

I got the chair. Looking at the box it came in, and all the shipping labels on it, it looks like this thing has taken a circuitous route! Chair is in fine shape. Works great.

Thanks for following up. I appreciate the service.


Bob Matesevac

I did receive, thanks a lot for your excellent service, so glad to make business with you, would recommend to anybody.

Richar Vasquez

Another year for me and my special friends to appreciate your fine, quality Christmas cards. (And the good deal you gave me)! Thanks, Una

We received our Christmas cards and they are fantastic. Thank you for your concern! How refreshing in this day and age that a company actually follows up to make sure the customer is satisfied.