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From Roosevelt to Today - AbilityOne®

Since its inception, AbilityOne has been at the forefront of helping people with disabilities. What began as a way to help the blind has matured into the largest employer of people with major disabilities including people with PTSD, wounded veterans, people with limited mobility and of course, the visually impaired. This President's Day, please show your support for the AbilityOne® cause by purchasing SKILCRAFT® items.

SKILCRAFT® is a registered trademark of the National Industries for the Blind (NIB).

Loose Standards on Green Products

These days, marketers can say virtually anything to push their products as being green. A perfect example would be cups made from plastic that do not contain any recyclable content and are not compostable either. So why do these pass as green? If the product is made from less petroleum, manufacturers will push this as better for the environment. Although this qualifies to some extent as green, the premise is admittedly somewhat questionable and it would be nice if such products had other green benefits backing up the claim.

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